Friday, May 30, 2008

BanglaDeshis banned in Bahrain

September 15, 2001.

A few days after the incidents of 9/11 and after fiery speeches by senators and congressmen from both the Democratic and the Republican parties, US president George W. Bush finally announced a total ban on all students and visitors from Arab countries, the middle east in general and all Muslims. Those from the above categories who are already permanent residents or citizens of the United States will have to undergo a newly formulated vetting process to determine if they constitute a threat to American Society and those who fail will be deported.

Welcoming the new policy announcement, senators and congressmen from across party lines said that this move reflected the desire and the inalienable right of the American People to safeguard their way of life. The recent events which caused loss of life amounting in the thousands, was perpetrated by people from those groups and they were not welcome in the US anymore.

One of the persons affected by this new policy, under condition of anonymity, described this move as xenophobic and in violation of the human rights of those affected, saying it will break up families and cause grief and great suffering to people working hard under unfavorable conditions to better their lives. He also added that most of the people from those groups were normal law-abiding residents and whole-heartedly condemned the recent events. According to him, sentencing an entire nation or race for the actions of a few misguided souls was the worst form of discrimination.

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