Sunday, August 03, 2008

Who am I, revisited.

I just found out Bush thinks I am up to no good. And so does Joe Lieberman.

I consider myself to be of the weak atheist variety, because so far I have no compelling reason to believe that there is no God.

According to our scriptures, there are three paths to salvation, Gnana, Karma and Bhakti. And I try to consciously follow the path of Karma because Bhakti is not my cup of tea, while the path to attaining Gnana is beyond my limited capabilities.

Perhaps I have never felt the need for a deep faith so far. There have been times when I trembled within, but I did not try to find solace in submission to a higher power. Perhaps I knew in my heart that I could find a way out of my predicament on my own by trying harder. Or I just might have been on a roll. Life might have missed dealing me the really bad cards.

I have never subscribed to the idea of a superior power passing judgment and sending us to heaven or hell. But this is one instance where I would prefer to be wrong. Because even if I am wrong and there is a God who might be sending me to hell, it means that my existence would extend beyond this world. In that sense, hell does not terrify me. And if I end up in heaven, isn't that a sweet bonus?

Again, I believe that there is no compelling reason for me to believe in the non-existence of God . I respect people who have faith. And i respect all religions because perhaps one of them might actually be the true path.

I would never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong. - Bertrand Russel

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