Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mumbai's Mahabharat isn't over yet

Are you feeling angry and frustrated at what is happening in Mumbai? Yes? So, what are you doing about it? Some of us are writing angry blogposts while others are venting their anger on the government.

Well, here we are. In the midst of a war. On the killing fields of Kurukshetra, and it is incumbent upon us, the Indian people, to pick up our Gandiva and fight for what we believe is right. Fight we must, because embracing defeat is unacceptable. We have to plant our feet firmly on the ground and fight for what we believe in, to leave a better legacy for our progeny than what was left to us by our predecessors.

How does an ordinary Indian like you or me take part in this war? Remember most wars are won not on the battlefields but in the minds of the participants. The first step to be taken is to realize that this is our war and that if we forfeit our responsibility, no one is going to do our job for us. It is time to stop blaming the government or our politicians, because who put them there? You and I, by either participating or not participating in the political process. If you voted them in, you should now understand that it was a mistake. And if you did not take part in the election process because of apathy, it is time for you to make amends.

I strongly urge all of you to read B. Shantanu's earlier posts, here, here and here. And decide for yourself if you are also sick and tired of bad governance and sick policies which have led us to this stage. If you agree, then the next step would be to check out the Freedom Team’s Google Groups. Or perhaps you can seek out some other group of people who are aggrieved with the current state of the country and are trying to find a remedy. The thing is, you have to become active, because this is your war as much as it is anybody else's.

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