Friday, July 25, 2008

The future is here now….

I read somewhere that as your age progresses, the way you perceive the passage of time changes. Time moves faster for older people, and I guess it is true in the sense that I am able to accomplish much less in the same amount of time than I used to in my youth.

That brings me to another question, if you were given a bonus couple of years, where would you want those added? At the end of your lifespan, in your childhood or in your youth? Most people would answer youth and I agree with that. The point is that for you kids, this is not the time to sit back and relax. It is the time for you to accomplish whatever you need to, so that you are prepared for the future because it is here now!!!

Gone are the days when the world changed at a leisurely pace. The impact of technology in everyday life is not subtle anymore. We are communicating much more than our parents and to a much larger audience. The technologies in the workplace are changing at such a fast pace that people in their forties have a hard time keeping up.

You kids are going to face a much hostile work environment than your parents, in the sense that your skills will constantly have to remain current to cope with the demands that a fast-changing workplace may make. And because millions of people in China and India are hungry for your jobs!!!

N.B. This was posted on my wordpress blog on Saturday, Jan 5 2008. But I had posted it on a new page and this was the only post I was not able to automatically migrate, so had to do it manually. :( This post completes the migration process and I will be posting here in the future, not on the Wordpress blog anymore.

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