Monday, July 28, 2008

Thank god for our Neighbors!

Kishor's comment at the GreatBong had me thinking. Here is the comment in its entirety:

There is no meaning in blaming govt or politicians. The fact is Indians do not deserve such things like independence, society, and life with pride. It is basically the lack of character and the system reflects our attitude. 99% of the Indians cheat in one or other way like at petrol bunks, builders, and even vegetable vendors. An average Indian means person without character. The only possible consequence in the the next 30 to 50 years is India will split into 8 or 9 countries, some occupied by Pakistan, some by China, and some independent countries. And that is the best thing. Degeneration is our future.

It does indeed paint a gloomy picture and shows the depth of despair that some of us are feeling. We are so much engrossed in issues of day-to-day survival, that we do not give any thought to things that really matter. Such as character-building in our schools, which have just turned into factories that churn out students who are good at scoring at exams, but who have actually learned nothing of lasting value. We just want our kids to learn skills that would help them survive the economic rat-race that most of them will face. In the process they are deprived of an education, instead, from a very young age, they are pitted against one another like rats, all trying to be the first to reach the piece of cheese at the end of the maze.

And it is not just the education system which is at fault. Parents have failed as well, because character-building is best done by providing examples. When parents cheat and steal and litter and jump queues and use nepotism and give or accept bribes and are indifferent to injustice meted out to others, what kind of message do the children get?

We do not think like a nation, we do not act like a nation. We are plagued by north-south, east-west, urban-rural, hindu-muslim divides. What has been holding us together as a nation? Is it the fact that India has been blessed with wicked neighbors, which acts as the glue that unites us as Indians? Because, we present a united front as a nation, only in the time of adversity, when faced by an external threat. If that is correct, thank god for our neighbors!

Or is it just a matter of time before India falls apart and is broken up into smaller entities to be either gobbled up by its neighbors or eternally doomed to internecine squabbling?

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1 comment:

Does it matter said...

I think it is neither of these.

We are also at heart a lazy people, and very selfish. To break away from a nation also needs conviction, willingness to sacrifice personal desires, and dedicate your life to your cause.

I think today we do not have the moral character that is needed for larger causes. In a way, that is what still keeps us all together.

Is being together necessarily a good thing, though? Would you not rather let the unhappy leave, and make the most of what you have, with full spirit and energy ?

Also agree with the comment in that - we cannot blame our leaders. We get the leaders we deserve. These are genuinely the true representatives of this country. Every society is represented by its leaders.

And our leaders are a reflection of what kind of a society we are.