Saturday, September 13, 2008

Come September

This movie has been my all time favorite. I have watched it countless times and yet it always entertains me. Especially the one-up-manship between Bobby Darin and Rock Hudson.

Every new generation thinks it is smarter than its predecessors. And is in a hurry to pass judgment on issues that require deep understanding. The tragedy is that most of the time their judgment is filtered by their own limited exposure to those same issues. It is easy for them to deride people who do not hold similar views to their own. What upsets me is their insensitivity to the people around them. How can you share a table with vegetarians and recount an anecdote where a vegetarian colleague mistakenly ate meat and was so revolted, he rushed out to buy a tongue cleaner? I did not find it humorous in the least. My own younger brother M, in his teens, mistakenly ate meat and was so repulsed that he vomited it out and was emotionally overwhelmed and then fasted for three days.

The thing is that this is not just about eating meat. It is about a belief system. And people hold their beliefs in high regard. You should be sensitive to how other people would feel to what you are saying. Do not ever joke about anyone's beliefs. And remember that empathy is a virtue which enhances the human experience.

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