Saturday, September 13, 2008

Acts of Cowardice

It keeps on happening.

And the usual reactions keep coming from the political leaders. Sonia Gandhi has condemned it as 'an act of cowardice'. And I suppose the perpetrators do not agree with her. I suppose it is brave on the part of the Indian people to become victims of terrorist incidents.

“We are fighting a proxy war and people, government, media, opinion makers, etc should come together to create awareness and work together to fight this war,”

There are certain rules of a war and if we do not fight, then terrorists will continue to attack us,”

That is Narendra Modi for you. We are at war, whether we like it or not, and we have to take steps to ensure the safety of our citizens. Even if that means a reduction in the amount of civil liberties we have been enjoying. A state at war has to recruit each and every means at its disposal to fight and win, especially against a faceless enemy.

The tragedy is that the ruling coalition enjoys being in power because of their main electoral plank — the repeal of POTA. It would be too much for Indians to expect that the Congress-led coalition would jeopardise its future poll prospects by introducing legislation which would empower the fight against terrorism. India has to wait for another government with the political will to bring about change. Till then, suffer India.

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