Friday, September 19, 2008

R.I.P. BraveHeart

Senior Police Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma succumbed to his injuries sustained in line of duty and died in the evening today.

Heroes like him put their lives on the line so that common people like you and me can have a normal existence and go about our daily business in peace.

He had been injured earlier in the day, alongwith head constable Balwant Singh, while leading a raid on a terrorist hideout in Delhi's Jamia Colony in the morning. They were greeted with gunfire and at least 30 shots were fired from both sides, resulting in the death of two terrorists and two officers injured.

What really irritates you is the negation being spewed forth by so called residents and local Muslim leaders on the TV and other media. But that should not be surprising considering the long history of negation and obfuscation that those people have been leaning on. Someday I intend to write a lengthy post on this, outlining the history of this negation and the genocide that has been conveniently forgotten.


1conoclast said...


There were 2 instances of negation recently.

The Jamia one I am not inclined to agree with. If it was a fake encounter, then there wouldn't have been any return fire & Mohan Chand wouldn't have been killed. So we can probably dismiss that allgation/negation. Plus it's the Congress in power, so such underhand activities will probably not occur! ;-)

Jokes apart, the Azamgarh one that appeared in the Indian Express I am inclined to doubt. If you've read the in depth investigation that the journalists have conducted, you will know why I'm saying that.

And maybe you too would benefit from taking a deep breath & not get irritated at all negation. Some of it is false, some of it is true. Fake encounter allegations have abounded for years; I hope your ire is not only directed at Muslim residents & leaders who make these claims.

Sagarone said...

Thanks for your comment, I might have come across as directing the allegation specifically at Muslims, but that was not my intent. And, by the way, why have you picked such a controversial monicker?

1conoclast said...

It wasn't intended either! I only knew an iconoclast as one who derived joy in shattering popular but false beliefs. It's only later I realised that people tend to latch on to the idol-breaker definition first.

Pinku said...


am coming to this late however would like to add my two bits to this discussion:
1) The Inspector's wounds show that all three bullets hit him in the back...sets you thinking doesnt it

2) Not one person in the locality has a bad word to say about the boys who died.
Imagine a gang of four living in your neighbourhood. they have access to bombs and sophisticated weapons, they have killed people and know that they can do it again. They have been succesful in making a fool of the entire country's security system. yet they are meek and unobtrusive. in a heavily populated locality no one distrusts them or has cause to say that they were a unruly bunch. Frankly its a little difficult for me to beleive.

Sagarone said...

I have not been able to find a single reliable source indicating that Sharma had been shot in the back. There have been rumours flying around, but here is a rebuttal: