Sunday, January 13, 2008

Act of faith or foolishness?

I purchased a plot of land in India yesterday. There was this property exhibition going on for a few days and yesterday was the last day. I went there to just take a look around and ended up buying this plot of land. It was available on installments but when I jump into something, i plunge head first. So I paid the developers the full amount, Instead of going for installments.

Most of my major purchases have been on impulse. There have been times when I have been duped, like that second-hand Nissan Sunny I purchased a few years back from seemingly a nice guy, who assured me that the car was great and had been properly maintained. Later, I found out that it had been a rental car and most of the routine maintenance had never been done on it. :(

But most of the time my faith in fellow human beings has been proved correct. I know, most people would not consider a major purchase like this without doing their own due diligence and I agree with them, but this is the way I am. I guess I am a fatalist in the sense that I believe whatever is bound to happen, will happen sooner or later. If I am to lose money, it might be through this deal or some other reason, but lose it I will.

So there you are, I strongly advise you not to follow my example!

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