Thursday, January 24, 2008

Migrant workers are temporary in nature....

"They do not have a desire to make the Gulf their permanent residence. The expatriate workers have come to the Gulf looking for jobs to improve their living standards."

OK, they have declared in their wisdom that migrant workers do not have a desire to make the Gulf their permanent home. Many of those spend most of their productive decades here, and would of course wish to remain classified as temporary migrants.

What about those business people who migrated to the Gulf decades ago, in some cases over half a century back, whose descendants were born here and have known no other home but the Gulf?

What is wrong with trying to improve one's standard of living? Why do people migrate? Migration the world over is primarily caused due to economic considerations. People move to a country that would promise them a better standard of living. They do not migrate to remain vagrants all their lives.

First they wanted to send you to live in ghettos. Now they want to discriminate in the marketplace as well. How can human beings be treated as if they were disposable items off some shelf, even if they have spent most of their lives here?

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