Saturday, January 05, 2008

"Khuda ke Liye"......

OK, I will admit that this is the first Pakistani movie I have seen in its entirety. I followed the recommendation of an online friend and took the trouble of downloading the movie via bit torrent and actually enjoyed the movie.

Before the advent of satellite channels, Bahrain 55 was the only channel that we would be able to watch Hindi movies on. We used to patiently wait for Wednesdays when they would be shown and at times we would get Pakistani movies too but very rarely. I would watch those for a few minutes and then get bored. Because in reality, Pakistani movies were of a much inferior standard in all departments back then.

This was a delightful change, Pakistani movie-makers have come of age and are ready to compete with their neighbors! Although, you get the feeling that in the last 15-20 minutes of the movie, the director or the writer or whoever got in a hurry to tie up loose ends and finish the damn thing off. But still a very nicely made movie.

Coming to the subject of the movie, I don't quite agree with what the movie is trying to impart, that religion is open to interpretation and that there can be a sensible Islam as opposed to fundamental Islam. But the human tragedy of the characters is what the makers have been able to transmit to the audience and they deserve a standing ovation for that.

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