Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The apostate

A life unchronicled is a life half-lived..... That is a tongue-in-cheek quote from the apostate. She is one of those people who cram so much more living into their single life-span than quite a few of us ordinary beings can manage collectively.   You have to read her blog to know what she is all about.

Just imagine, a Pakistani girl, growing up in  Saudi Arabia and leaving the shelter of her family home in every sense of the word, while just a teenager, and successfully carving out her own niche in life according to her own rules, in the West.   It is an achievement very few would be able to match and I applaud her for that.   It would be an injustice to her if I did not applaud her writing as well, though!    She writes like an accomplished writer and I wish her all the best in life.

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