Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Zuma took a shower

When you say South Africa, Nelson Mandela is the name that instantly comes to mind. He was the face of Black Africa and under his wise guidance, the ANC came to power in 1994. And it has been downhill ever since.

Jacob Zuma is the current leader of the ANC, after Tabo Mbeki's resignation. And what kind of a person he is, can be gleaned from the fact that he was accused of rape and admitted during the trial of having sex with a woman less than half his age, who happened to be the daughter of a family friend and who he knew was HIV positive. What does it tell you about the intellect and the morality of a person who says that he took a shower after that because that "would minimise the risk of contracting AIDS".

Democracy throws up some weird characters to the highest positions of power, but ultimatley this is a reflection on the electorate's morality and intellect. Otherwise, how can we explain Narendra Modi's and Mayawati's re-elections in spite of what they have done, or rather not done?

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Pinku said...


thanks for visiting my blog. I have visited your island country and found it really nice. Was surprised to find someone from there on my blog.

Your point is very relevant...morality is at an all time low. But then as I often remark who is willing to send his son or daughter into politics, we would rather seem them as lowly clerks with a safe job.

In such a scenario only those that are left will fill the most important posts in the country.